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Why is Turnkey Manufacturing Essential for Compressors?

Turnkey manufacturing can offer a lot of benefits when it comes to the production of compressor parts.

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Compressors that are built with quality materials and great care provide a high level of performance. They are also durable, which translates into a long life span devoid of frequent maintenance and changing of parts.

However, a compressor can be built from start to finish by different manufacturers or a single manufacturer. In the case of the latter, turnkey manufacturing is employed. This has become a widespread outsourcing practice due to the numerous benefits it offers.

These benefits have made turnkey manufacturing essential for compressors and businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition.

What is Turnkey Manufacturing?

Turnkey manufacturing is when a single company handles all the processes/functions that will lead to the creation and delivery of a complete product or service to a customer. The same company takes care of the product’s design, tooling, manufacturing, inspection, and any other manufacturing design service that is needful for the creation of the product.

In the case of compressors, the contractor or provider will oversee the acquisition of materials required, component assembly, testing of the manufactured products, issuing of warranty, and after-sales service.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from a turnkey service for compressor parts:

  • Design support
  • Procurement of materials
  • Low and high volume assembly
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Final assembly
  • Full testing of the product
  • Packing and shipping
  • Scheduled deliveries

As a result, all the end-user has to do is start the compressor to begin using it.

These advantages of a turnkey outsourced production model make it needful to consider a turnkey solution if you’re looking to build a quality compressor that stands the test of time.

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The Benefits of Turnkey Manufacturing

The benefits of turnkey manufacturing have made it essential in the design of compressors.

Some of these advantages include:

1. Delivers High-Quality Compressors

High-quality compressors are built during turnkey manufacturing since a single company can ensure that quality parts are used throughout the product’s design and development process.

Such a company will also guarantee that quality has been maintained in the design phase.

Alternatively, the high-level quality may be harder to achieve with multiple companies working on the same compressor since not all may have consistently used quality materials during its design. Given that these compressors will be put to good use for long hours, a single failing part can lead to a breakdown of the entire machine overtime.

On that note, turnkey manufacturing gives companies the confidence that their compressors have been designed with quality materials across all aspects of the manufacturing process.

2. Eliminates Communication Hassle

Turnkey manufacturing eliminates the complicated process involved in communicating with various manufacturers and companies to design a compressor.

There is no need to contact an equipment designer, check up on the manufacturer, or contact the designer again to ensure they’ve gotten the specifications correctly. It’s also easier to communicate changes to one company.

The reason is, a turnkey manufacturer handles the design, packaging, and shipping phase that will see the compressor delivered, which means you only need to contact this manufacturer with any concerns you may have.

As such, a single point of contact ensures that your compressor gets delivered on time, while you’re less stressed throughout its development stage.

3. Curbs the Risks Associated with Multiple Manufacturers

Unarguably, more members along the production line of a compressor will only pose more risks and even operating overheads.

The turnkey production model, however, helps to curb these risks. Additionally, it allows the compressors to be transferred quickly to meet the company’s demand.

4. Lowers Cost of Manufacturing

Turnkey manufacturing can significantly reduce the capital needed to design an innovative compressor from start to finish.

A contractor, for instance, handles the material specifications, dimensional drawings, etc. while placing emphasis on the lowest total cost.

Therefore, this type of manufacturing eliminates supply chain costs and offers significant cost savings, which all boils down to a single company taking charge of the manufacturing process.

For this reason, it helps you to cut costs, but not at the expense of the quality of compressors being built.

5. Offers a More Efficient Management of Payment and Billing

Having to work out the payment and billing for different companies that will manufacturer your compressor can get complicated.

There’s also room for error to creep in and that could mean more expenses on your part.

This is because each company may have different payment procedures. Therefore, this could make issuing payments and keeping track of billing quite challenging.

On the contrary, a single company in turnkey manufacturing has the same payment procedure as well as the billing cycle, which makes it easier to handle its payments.

6. Allows Focus to be Centered on Core Competencies

Another benefit is its ability to enable a company to focus on customer sales as well as marketing.

These are core competencies that are also time-demanding. That being so, the company is not entirely focused on technology and capital intensive manufacturing processes.


7. Aids in Fast Shipping of Compressors

Turnkey manufacturers also ship the completed product to the customer; however, the speed of delivery may vary depending on the contractor you’ve settled with.

On the other hand, some turnkey manufacturers offer overnight shipment that will ensure that the compressor is delivered to you speedily. These companies have thousands of quality parts stocked up and ready to be shipped overnight.

For this reason, whether you are looking to replace a faulty compressor or a new one, you should give your utmost consideration to a turnkey manufacturer that priorities fast delivery.


The benefits of turnkey manufacturing have made it a popular form of production that is also essential for designing compressors.

Moreover, these benefits cost across different aspects of the manufacturing process which is evident in quality design, costs savings, seamless communication, and faster shipping & delivery.

Lest we forget, turnkey manufacturing can be implemented rapidly, which helps to save time. All you have to do is turn the compressor’s key to begin using it.

These benefits are why you should outsource all design and installation tasks to a turnkey manufacturer whether you are a small or mid-sized company trying to build quality compressors.

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