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How to Obtain the Best Conical Compression Spring Design

Conical Compression Spring | KBDelta.comThe capacity for superior performance in a compression spring is essential to the success of your project. Quite simply, if your spring does not perform well, then your application will be able to function correctly. How can you design and obtain the most precise conical compression spring? You will have to consider a number of factors:


Measuring for Compression Springs

Determine the diameter of the wire, the outer diameter(s) of your desired spring, the free length, and the number of active coils you hope to achieve. How much force will the spring be responsible to control?

Which Materials Are Best for Your Application?

What type of wire do you intend to use? This is often determined by the various environmental conditions that the application will require. Consider the range of temperatures. You will need to consider the potential for corrosion, the shear modulus, fatigue, and creep strengths to decide which materials are best.


Determine Mechanical and Strength

Precise calculations are taken to determine how well a conical compression spring will stand up to a variety of different stresses. With those calculations, you will be able to determine the best shape and design to get the results that you expect.

What Is the Best End Type for Your Spring?

There are four basic compression spring ends. The type you choose may be affected by the measurements you took (number of coils and free length, for example), the pitch of the spring, and the seating characteristics. The four end types are:

  • Open end: no pitch change through the spring
  • Closed ends: not ground, the pitch at the end of the coils is reduced
  • Open and Ground: the final coil is ground flat without a parallel end
  • Closed, Squared, and Ground: the final coil does not have a flat appearance nor a parallel end


Precision and Accuracy Matter

When you have taken precise measurements, custom springs will provide you with the properties that are appropriate for your project. Accuracy and attention to detail for each part of your compressor can improve your chances for satisfaction and success.



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