Thermoset vs Thermoplastic: What’s The Difference?

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Thermoset vs Thermoplastic: What's The Difference? - KB Delta

Thermoset vs thermoplastic? There are key differences to know and understand. Read more below. At first glance, you won’t be blamed if you believe Thermoset plastics and Thermoplastic materials are the same. On the one hand, they are the same since they are both polymers. Heck, they even sound somewhat the same. But on the […]

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The Importance of Injection Molding Temperature Control

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The Importance of Injection Molding Temperature Control - KB Delta

Why monitor the injection molding temperature? Here’s what to know. Injection molding is a highly relevant and current manufacturing technique used extensively, from manufacturing personal items such as toothbrushes, toys, etc., to industrial components like plastics employed in automobiles, etc. It allows for the manufacture or mass production of hundreds of thousands or millions of […]

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All About Thermoplastic Resin for Injection Molding Process

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All About Thermoplastic Resin for Injection Molding Process - KB Delta

What exactly is thermoplastic resin and why is it an important material in the injection molding process? Find the answers below. The use of plastic materials throughout the world has significantly increased over the last few decades. There are presently over 100 million tons of such materials used per time. The most significant tonnage is […]

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Key Advantages of Injection Molding

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Key Advantages of Injection Molding - KB Delta

It’s ideal to know the key advantages of injection molding in order to have a better understanding of the process as well. Read on.  Injection molding is one of the most prominent processes for manufacturing identical parts in very high volumes by injecting material into closed molds. Plastic injection molding is virtually all around us. […]

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine: How Does It Work?

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine: How Does It Work? - KB Delta

Why is a plastic injection molding machine important? There are many reasons, which is why it’s also crucial to fully understand the process. Read on. Plastics remain one of the most commonly used formable materials worldwide. The global plastics industry was birthed in 1907 when Bakelite – i.e., the first synthetic or thermosetting plastic – […]

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Why Thermoplastic PEEK is the Industry Leader

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Why Thermoplastic PEEK is the Industry Leader - KB Delta

Thermoplastic PEEK is included in a variety of specific products and industries. Why is it so important? Read further to find all the details you should know. PEEK is the common name for Polyetheretherketone and refers to a semi-crystalline organic polymer. This type of thermoplastic is highly stable which makes it far superior to many […]

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5 Injection Molding Defects to Prevent and How to Fix Them

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5 Injection Molding Defects to Prevent and How to Fix Them - KB Delta

It’s always ideal to understand the common injection molding defects to avoid or fix. Learn from this helpful guide below. Injection molding defects happen, even to the most knowledgeable and experienced operators today. Molding defects are not purely symptomatic of inattention or inexperience as several factors can contribute significantly to them. But they usually occur […]

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Understanding Thermoplastic Uses for the Most Effective Design

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Understanding Thermoplastic Uses for the Most Effective Design - KB Delta

Do you know the design process when it comes to thermoplastic uses? Read all the details about creating the most effective design. Is there a particular type of thermoplastic that you consider as the most suitable for your product design? This is a valid question because polymers are not entirely the same as each of […]

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Custom Plastic Molding Techniques to Know

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Custom Plastic Molding Techniques to Know - KB Delta

For the ideal product, it’s helpful to know the different custom plastic molding techniques available. Every process is unique, which you can learn more about below. Do you need a custom-made plastic product or spare part but don’t really know how to get one? The different kinds of molding techniques that will be highlighted in […]

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An Overview of PEEK Material and Its Important Uses

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An Overview of PEEK Material and Its Important Uses - KB Delta

You may know the basics of PEEK material, but what about its uses in our everyday life? To gain a better understanding, read the important details below. The formation of systems transforms every day with new technological innovations being introduced into the engineering industry. Scientists, engineers, and all come up with a different hypothesis to […]

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  • Metallic Plates

    KB Delta manufactures and stocks a complete range of metallic compressor valve plates and rings for the natural gas, refrigeration and P.E.T. industries.

  • Thermoplastic Plates

    Our specialized precision tooling and proprietary lapping process gives our customers the highest quality thermoplastic plates and rings in the industry.

  • Springs

    We manufacture our own springs and stock over 2 million springs for a variety of OEM spring styles, forms and materials.

  • Peripheral Valve Internals

    KB Delta offers one of the most complete lines of valve internals in the industry. All of our parts are manufactured to OEM Standards in performance and efficiency.

  • Complete Valve Repair Kits

    KB Delta offers a full line of valve repair kits for all the major reciprocating compressor manufacturers.

  • P.E.T. Compressor Parts

    KB Delta specializes in manufacturing compressor valve parts for high pressure air compressors used in the P.E.T. plastic bottle manufacturing industry.

Industries we serve

Natural Gas Industry

The processing and refining of Natural Gas into a marketable products, by separating gas into pipeline-quality natural gas and a stream of mixed natural gas liquids and the transportation of natural gas to through a series of reciprocating compressor stations and pipes, and from there to end users.

Blow Molding Industry

This industry manufactures blow molding machinery. Injection stretch blow molding process has two main different methods, a single-stage and two-stage process; these are the methods by which hollow plastic parts are formed.

Medical Technology Industry

The medical technology industry is an important part of the healthcare sector. It includes most medical devices which aid the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses. Established centers of this industry include the United States and Western Europe.