Aftermarket Parts: Why It’s Important to Follow OEM Guidelines

| | In Compressor Parts, Manufacturing
Aftermarket Parts: Why It's Important to Follow OEM Guidelines - KB Delta

Are you aware of how aftermarket parts impact the manufacturing world? Read more about their role and why it’s still crucial to follow OEM guidelines. Compressors have always been highly essential tools used across several industries. Reciprocating processors – also called ‘piston compressors’ – are mostly used in moving gas at increased pressure. The major […]

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A Beginner’s Complete Guide to Valves

| | In Compressor Parts, Vavle Kits
A Beginner's Complete Guide to Valves - KB Delta Compressor Parts

A guide to valves can be super helpful if you’re not quite sure what they are and how they exactly work. Luckily, we have a detailed guide to valves below. Read now! When fluids move through a system, they will flow naturally when unimpeded. The fluid will run through any piping or attached components at […]

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How Does a Poppet Valve Work in Compressors?

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How Does a Poppet Valve Work in Compressors? - KB Delta

A poppet valve plays an important role in compressors, but how exactly? Here is all you need to learn and keep in mind. A poppet valve is a mushroom-shaped valve that rises in a perpendicular manner from its seat. It is generally used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems or internal combustion engines and controlled via […]

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Top Tips for Valve Plate Assembly

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Top Tips for Valve Plate Assembly - KB Delta

How should you best maintain and utilize a valve plate assembly? It’s first helpful to take a look at what goes into its design and manufacturing standards. Read more below. Whatever manufacturing industry you are in, you are sure to be familiar with valve plates and their uses. However, when it comes to ensuring that […]

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Laser Cut Stainless Steel: What’s the Process?

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Laser Cut Stainless Steel: What's the Process? - KB Delta

Do you know what goes into the laser cut stainless steel process? It’s quite beneficial to understand everything you need to know, including its importance in the manufacturing industry. Sophisticated metalworking processes nowadays have included the use of today’s innovative technology. Laser metal cutting is one of the modern processing methods used extensively today. And […]

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Why Pipe Valves Deserve Great Appreciation

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Why Pipe Valves Deserve Great Appreciation - KB Delta

Pipe valves provide essential actions when it comes to a well-working system. Read further to learn more about why they deserve attention and appreciation. When most professionals deliberate between general industrial piping system design and material choices, valves are probably the last thing on their minds. In most cases, the significant considerations center on fittings […]

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What’s the Role of Guide Pins in Compressors?

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What's the Role of Guide Pins in Compressors? - KB Delta

Are you experiencing compressor failure? It’s ideal to inspect all components, including the guide pins. Read further below for all you need to know. No one likes facing an issue such as a compressor failure, and this is because fixing it can be costly. Most people that encounter this problem will throw out such a […]

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Functions of an Unloader Valve in Reciprocating Compressors

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Functions of an Unloader Valve in Reciprocating Compressors - KB Delta

How much do you know about an unloader valve and its many functions? It’s always ideal to learn more details about this compressor part. Read everything you need to know below. Have you ever wondered what makes an engine re-start when it’s been worked? Have you ever thought of the processes involved to get it […]

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How to Tell If a Damper Plate Needs Replacement

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How to Tell If a Damper Plate Needs Replacement - KB Delta

Does your damper plate need replacing? There are a lot of important factors to consider and kept in mind when thinking about this question. Read more below. Damper plates are used in a number of different types of machinery. In most cases, no matter if they are in a motor or a compressor, their role […]

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Look for High-Quality Compressor Replacement Parts

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Look for High-Quality Compressor Replacement Parts - KB Delta

Finding the best compressor replacement parts begins by searching for the best compressor manufacturing company. There are important factors to consider, which you can read below. When you are looking for compressor replacement parts, you want to be sure that you obtain a high-quality product that exceeds expectations. When your equipment is important enough to […]

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  • Metallic Plates

    KB Delta manufactures and stocks a complete range of metallic compressor valve plates and rings for the natural gas, refrigeration and P.E.T. industries.

  • Thermoplastic Plates

    Our specialized precision tooling and proprietary lapping process gives our customers the highest quality thermoplastic plates and rings in the industry.

  • Springs

    We manufacture our own springs and stock over 2 million springs for a variety of OEM spring styles, forms and materials.

  • Peripheral Valve Internals

    KB Delta offers one of the most complete lines of valve internals in the industry. All of our parts are manufactured to OEM Standards in performance and efficiency.

  • Complete Valve Repair Kits

    KB Delta offers a full line of valve repair kits for all the major reciprocating compressor manufacturers.

  • P.E.T. Compressor Parts

    KB Delta specializes in manufacturing compressor valve parts for high pressure air compressors used in the P.E.T. plastic bottle manufacturing industry.

Industries we serve

Natural Gas Industry

The processing and refining of Natural Gas into a marketable products, by separating gas into pipeline-quality natural gas and a stream of mixed natural gas liquids and the transportation of natural gas to through a series of reciprocating compressor stations and pipes, and from there to end users.

Blow Molding Industry

This industry manufactures blow molding machinery. Injection stretch blow molding process has two main different methods, a single-stage and two-stage process; these are the methods by which hollow plastic parts are formed.

Medical Technology Industry

The medical technology industry is an important part of the healthcare sector. It includes most medical devices which aid the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses. Established centers of this industry include the United States and Western Europe.