Natural Gas Gathering: Parts for Professionals

By KB Delta | November 5, 2014
Natural Gas Gathering |

Professionals who work in the business of natural gas are typically aware of how important it is to have high-functioning machinery. Natural gas gathering relies on a precise fit to ensure that this valuable resource is not lost in the process of collection and transport. The parts used at all steps of these processes play […]

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Finding Quality Aftermarket Compressor Parts

By KB Delta | November 4, 2014
Aftermarket Compressor Parts |

Chances are that if you work in an industry which uses compressors on a daily basis then you will need to find quality aftermarket compressor parts at some point. Compressors are vital pieces of equipment in many different applications from the movement of machines to the flow of air and liquids. They are especially important […]

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Signs That You Need Compressor Repair

By KB Delta | November 3, 2014

Compressor valves are used in many different industries and applications, and are just as important for commercial use as they are for residential use. When a compressor valve goes bad, it can be difficult to figure out what the problem is, unless you know how to troubleshoot some of the most common compressor problems. Whether […]

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Different Types of Coil Springs

By KB Delta | October 31, 2014
Coil Springs |

  If you work with compressor valves on a regular basis, then you know how important it is to become familiar with the various compressor valve parts and how they work. The more familiar you are with the various parts that compose a compressor valve, the easier it will be for you to troubleshoot common […]

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Dynamic Design of Wire Forms and How They Work

By KB Delta | October 30, 2014
Wire Forms |

Wire forms are not just a coil ― they are basically shapes made out of wire, and there are several different kinds. Typically, the parts are made from roundwire that has been bent into specific lengths and angles. Most people do not understand the difference between springs and wires. Springs have a spiral or helix […]

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Vital Air Compressor Valve Parts and Components

By KB Delta | October 29, 2014
Compressor parts suppliers |

Compressors are used in various manufacturing industries. For the lay person, a compressor is a device that converts power into kinetic energy and then releasing that energy into bursts of air. The power is typically derived from a gasoline, motor, electric, or diesel engine. For people that work in such industries, it is important that […]

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  • Metallic Plates

    KB Delta manufactures and stocks a complete range of metallic compressor valve plates and rings for the natural gas, refrigeration and P.E.T. industries.

  • Thermoplastic Plates

    Our specialized precision tooling and proprietary lapping process gives our customers the highest quality thermoplastic plates and rings in the industry.

  • Springs

    We manufacture our own springs and stock over 2 million springs for a variety of OEM spring styles, forms and materials.

  • Peripheral Valve Internals

    KB Delta offers one of the most complete lines of valve internals in the industry. All of our parts are manufactured to OEM Standards in performance and efficiency.

  • Complete Valve Repair Kits

    KB Delta offers a full line of valve repair kits for all the major reciprocating compressor manufacturers.

  • P.E.T. Compressor Parts

    KB Delta specializes in manufacturing compressor valve parts for high pressure air compressors used in the P.E.T. plastic bottle manufacturing industry.

Industries we serve

Natural Gas Industry

The processing and refining of Natural Gas into a marketable products, by separating gas into pipeline-quality natural gas and a stream of mixed natural gas liquids and the transportation of natural gas to through a series of reciprocating compressor stations and pipes, and from there to end users.

Blow Molding Industry

This industry manufactures blow molding machinery. Injection stretch blow molding process has two main different methods, a single-stage and two-stage process; these are the methods by which hollow plastic parts are formed.

Medical Technology Industry

The medical technology industry is an important part of the healthcare sector. It includes most medical devices which aid the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses. Established centers of this industry include the United States and Western Europe.