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4 Compressor Valve Maintenance Steps

Compressor Valve Maintenance | KB Delta


There are many things you can do to help your compression valve parts and springs last longer. If something you use in your business stops working, you are losing money by the minute. This is why it is wise to know the small things you can do to avoid issues with the compression valve parts, so that it is always functioning properly for you. Instead of losing thousands of dollars replacing the valve parts, follow these four compressor valve maintenance steps to avoid future problems.


1. Consistently Check the Machine for Issues


The compressor works to move air throughout the entire machine. One of the most important parts of this piece of equipment is the valve and its springs. It is very possible for the valve parts to stop working at some point due to the impact, speed and repetitive motions it undergoes on a daily basis. The most successful way to avoid this from happening is by keeping a close eye on the compressor and its parts whenever it is in use. Perhaps make it your goal to check it out closely once a week to detect if anything looks out of the ordinary. This sounds like a simple and mundane step but this can be the difference between a small repair and having to replace the entire machine.

2. Be Aware of Any Cooling Problems That May Occur


It is a great idea to keep a close eye on the temperature in the cylinders that are cooled with water. It is all too easy for condensation to build up whenever the cylinders become too cold. The liquid from the condensation is enough to fully damage the valve parts, meaning you will have to replace all of them. Luckily, if this does happen, there are quality manufacturers who provide solid valve parts and springs to keep your compressor functioning at all times. However, replacements can be avoided by checking on the temperature every now and then.


3. Check If the Parts Are Installed Correctly


If you are experiencing issues with the compressor, it is a good idea to check on the valve parts and the springs and make sure they are installed as they should be. If the machine is not working correctly, it could be because the parts were not installed in the right places. They should all be placed in the valve pockets and secured tightly. Check for this before buying new parts to see if the compressor quit working simply because the parts were in the wrong place.


4. Do Proper Compressor Valve Maintenance on the Filter


One of the best things you can do to keep the compressor running smoothly is perform maintenance on the filter. The filters work to keep particles and dirt out of the system, so that the valve and its parts continue to run well. It is important to check on the filters occasionally to be sure dirt is not getting into the valve parts. If this does happen, it will likely stop running and will need new parts as soon as possible. By doing routine maintenance checks on the filter, you can save a great deal of money.


It is a great idea to follow the four compressor valve maintenance steps above to keep your compressor and its parts in excellent condition. If you follow these steps and still experience problems, it may be time to install brand new valve parts and springs.


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