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Signs of Bad Coil Springs, and What to Do Next

How do you know if you have bad coil springs? This is what to look out for and the next steps.

Signs of Bad Coil Springs, and What to Do Next - KB Delta

Nearly every mechanical device makes use of coil springs. These are open-wound or close-wound helical-shaped mechanical devices that store potential energy. They are often made of metals like hardened steel, though it is not uncommon to find them constructed from elastic materials.

The primary function of coil springs is to absorb shock, store energy that will eventually be released, and maintain a force between two unique surfaces.

Applying extreme forces to a coil spring can stretch it beyond its elastic limit. When this happens, the coil spring goes out of proportion and remains permanently distorted. This means it would never return to its original state.

This article highlights the signs of bad coil springs you should watch out for and the next steps you need to take. This ensures you obtain the ideal coil spring that guarantees the longevity of your equipment.


What is a Coil Spring?

A coil spring is a helix or spiral metal wire commonly constructed from steel. They can also be constructed from non-metals such as plastics, etc. They are mechanical devices that accept a force or weight from an object in order to absorb the energy. They also help prevent surfaces from getting damaged.

Coil springs are used in several industries, especially in mechanical devices or equipment. In most of these cases, they are used to promote the efficiency and performance of the machine or equipment.


Signs That You Have Bad Coil Springs

Coil springs, just like many other mechanical components, show signs of going bad. The ability to detect these signs as early as possible helps prevent further damage to your equipment or other components within the equipment.

Here are some of the signs:


  • Corrosion

Coil springs are vital and at the epicenter of many mechanical devices’ functionalities. However, corrosion remains one of the factors that combat the efficient performance of reciprocating compressors. This is why many manufacturers and engineers are in a constant battle to beat corrosion.

Corrosion gradually degrades refined metals like coil springs into less usable forms. This occurs when some gases come in contact with your coil springs. This reduces the efficiency or performance of your compressor.


  • Fatigue

It is easy for coil springs to get fatigued, especially when the machine is subjected to intense mechanical operations. This is why it is crucial to know your coil spring’s fatigue limits in order to obtain the ideal product during production processes.

A fatigued coil spring will no longer operate optimally as desired. If not checked, the coil spring may fail and affect other components within the equipment.


  • Permitting Excessive Pressure to Undesired Places

When you notice that your coil spring is passing excessive amounts of pressure to a particular place it is not designed to go, it means that the spring has become bad.

Permitting excessive pressure to places where they are not designed to go or be can cause significant damage to the components that surround the valve. This can halt the equipment and result in downtime that may cost you a lot of time and resources.


What to Do Next?

The first thing to do as soon as you discover that you have bad coil springs is to stop all operations. If you continue using that equipment, a lot of damage may occur to other components.

The next step is to search for a reliable manufacturer that creates custom coil springs. You can learn about the reliability of a manufacturer from the numerous positive review or feedback from past clients.

You need to share the specifications of your coil springs with the manufacturer. The manufacturer must be capable of making the right calculations that will result in the production.

Discussions about the best type of material to use for your coil spring will also need to occur. In-depth research reveals that some materials perform remarkably well in harsh conditions. Therefore, your specific needs will determine the material used to create your coil spring.

During the testing phase, experienced manufacturers will also work on prototypes, simulations, etc. This helps determine the best type of coil spring that your equipment will need for optimal performance.


The Importance of Quality, Replacement, Custom Springs from A Manufacturer

The importance of securing high-quality replacement custom springs from a manufacturer cannot be overstated. This is the best way of guaranteeing the best results.

When you order custom springs from precision spring manufacturers, you will get exactly what you need. Here are other benefits of purchasing custom springs from a manufacturer:


  • Exact Engineering Capabilities

Ordering coil springs directly from a manufacturer is the best way to get the precise engineering capabilities you desire.

From space requirements and stress load capacity to durability as well as corrosion and temperature resistance, manufacturers will design the most precise coil springs that will function excellently well within your environment and application.


  • Guaranteed Quality

The untrained eye rarely or hardly sees the subtle difference between high-quality, precisely-designed coil springs and the standard stock spring. Custom springs purchased directly from manufacturers are usually designed and expertly constructed with utmost care.

But when you buy stock coil springs, you will never be 100 percent sure they will perform as intended. This is related to their poor quality and unreliability, resulting in a waste of time and resources.

Custom coil springs are usually tailor-made and reliable, capable of standing up against nearly every condition they are subjected to.


  • Availability of A Wide Variety of Springs

Working with manufacturers grants you the excellent opportunity of placing small and large orders. You can make bulk orders that run into millions or hundreds or thousands or request a one-piece component replacement.

You will get the exact quantity you need within the timeline you desire. Repeat orders are also usually processed faster without sacrificing quality.



Coil springs are vital components that must never be taken for granted, especially when they show signs of wear. Getting it fixed early should be your utmost priority.

But make sure you get your custom-made coil springs directly from a reliable manufacturer. The manufacturer should be capable of designing and manufacturing several types from various materials.

This helps eliminate any guesswork about the coil springs’ authenticity and capability when used to replace the bad ones. Moreover, custom coil springs are durable, i.e., capable of withstanding wear and tear. This ensures your compressor remains operable and meets your business goals at estimated deadlines.



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