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Conical Compression Spring: The Benefits it Provides

conical compression spring

Many people seem to be unaware of the countless benefits that come from using a conical compression spring when it comes to air compressors. These springs are also referred to as tapered or cone springs. This article will discuss the many reasons to consider using them and installing them in your air compressor, but first it is important to know what these springs are.


What is a Conical Compression Spring?


These springs are open-coil helical springs that are created to oppose any compression. They are typically either placed inside of a hole or are placed over a rod. Whenever a load is placed on the springs it makes them short and pushes them against the load, getting the spring back to its normal length. These are known to be the most energy efficient around, making them popular to use.


These Springs Help to Provide More Stability to the Machine


One of the main benefits you get from using a conical compression spring is that it helps to provide a more stable environment for other springs that usually have large ratio when it comes to slenderness. This ratio typically determines if a spring will bend or buckle when it comes to deflection. To summarize, this type of spring tends to off lateral stability and this prevents it from buckling. The chances of the springs slipping are slim as well, keeping the compressor safe from damage.


Conical Compression Springs Have Uniform Variable Rate


This type of spring is great because they are known for offering a uniform pitch that is also constant. Rather than having a constant force rate like regular springs, they are known for their increasing force rate. When these springs are used, a variable pitch can be created in order to bring forth a more uniform rate, if needed.


One Advantage of These Springs Is That They Reduce Vibrations


One well-known benefit of these conical compression springs is that they are known for reducing both resonance and vibration. This is because the pitch of the springs is uniform, so the period of vibration naturally increases as the coil bottoms, rather than staying the same all of the time.


These Quality Springs Are Able to Fit in Small Spaces


These springs are great because they are able to fit into small and narrow spaces. They can do this because they are big on the bottom and small on top. The result is that the compression that is needed comes through to help the compressor function properly, and you do not use up a lot of space in the process.


As you can see, there are so many advantages and benefits to using a conical compression spring in your compressor. They offer a great deal of stability, have a uniform variable rate, they help to reduce vibrations, and they are able to fit in small and narrow spaces. These are just a few of the things that make these items so great. It is a good idea to find a quality manufacturer who can provide you with great springs to use for your compressor.


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