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Choosing A Reliable Compressor Valve Manufacturer


With a variety of uses, compressors play an important role in many modern machines. Due to the nature of their role in a machine, the fittings are exposed to a constant pressure, which leads to natural deterioration of the equipment.

There are various replaceable components inside a compressor, each performing their own unique function within the whole process. The most important of these to understand is arguably the compressor valve. Essential to the performance of the machine, the valve needs to withstand both pressure and force within a closed system. This is further complicated by a need to operate with great accuracy and consistency.

But in an industry that continues to develop new technologies, it’s the basic principles which are ever important.


Compressors In Today’s Industries

There are many uses for compressors beyond their commonly known applications in automobiles and refrigeration units. In the industrial sector, compressors vary wildly within a range of different fields, such as:

  • Natural gas – High-pressure systems used on an gigantic scale
  • Medical technology industry – Sophisticated equipment that needs to be both sensitive and compact
  • Heavy industry – Large, durable and often needed to withstand extreme forces
  • Product manufacture – High volume production of goods

The common attribute which connects all of these uses is the demand for reliability. With public and employee safety being of paramount concern, the protection of a machine against failure is always the main priority. The most effective method to ensuring reliability is a regular servicing policy for the equipment.


Scheduled Maintenance

All companies should have robust guidelines in place for the maintenance of all mechanical processes. This ensures that workplace safety is never compromised, meaning less risk of malfunctions and accidents.

It is routine procedure in most industries to replace worn compressor valve components during maintenance, rather than replacing the whole unit outright. This has two main benefits for a company:

  1. The financial savings of replacing only the faulty parts within a unit can outweigh the expense of qualified technicians needed to carry out the workforce
  2. The time lost to a machine being out of service is reduced

Of course, it’s not always safe to simply replace components. With safety needing to be the primary concern, sometimes the whole compressor unit has to be replaced.

As a part of this policy, compressors should have specific instructions regarding their maintenance schedule. Based on manufacturer recommendations, adhering to a strict timetable specifying the interval lengths between replacing each element avoids the question of repair or replace.


The Importance Of Premium Compressor Valve Components

Consisting of moving parts, it’s also critical to functionality that a compressor’s components can maintain strong structural integrity.

As modern manufacturing techniques have evolved, advancements in component quality have also been made. Adversely, increased competition in the commercial market also means that there are varying degrees of quality available to consumers.

When buying any type of machine part, the most important factor to consider is quality. Choosing a manufacturer over a supplier will always provide you with piece-of-mind that the part is as advertised. This can also potentially be a cheaper option to as you will be able to buy at wholesale prices.

When selecting from a choice of components, there is also other aspects to consider. It is always preferable to use parts made from high-quality materials. These may be more expensive initially but will provide a more durable alternative, which will save in maintenance and machine downtime. Products created from a single piece of material produces stronger, more robust options than those artificially joined. Needing to withstand stress over a long time, the overall strength is crucial to providing a reliable part.


Improved Manufacturing Techniques For Creating Compressor Valve Components

As manufacturing industries have modernized, so have the tools at their disposal. The result of which is often improved production time, sometimes lower costs, but always a higher quality of merchandise.

Some of the most efficient ways to create compressor valves are listed below:

  • Injection molding machines – An ideal method for producing manufacturing parts, injection molding has several benefits over other procedures. Allowing you to simultaneously incorporate different plastics into a complex design, it’s also used to produce stronger parts as they’re created in a pressurized environment.
  • Computer numerically controlled machines – CNC machines offer a high level of precision engineering. Used to control all aspects of production, complicated 3D structures can easily be created on a mass produced scale and to identical specifications.
  • Metallic laser cutters – Ideal for cutting thin plate sheets, they’re not suitable for 3D design due to the rigid nature of their design. Laser cutters do however provide greater accuracy than either plasma cutters, water jet cutting or the more traditional methods of metal stamping such as using a turret punching press or a blanking press.
  • High-quality tools – It is often said that a bad workman blames his tools. One solution to this is to always have the best available tools to create to the highest quality. Proprietary equipment is one such way that allows replication of authentic designs to the originally intended standard, rather than an approximation or copy, which is liable to differ slightly. In the world of machine parts, a slight inaccuracy can have major consequences, normally beginning with a system failure.


Attention To Detail

The only way to truly produce a high-quality product is through first-rate manufacturing techniques. As there are several different types of components within a valve compressor, various techniques are required to produce each specific part and therefore an experienced manufacturer who understands this will use a mixture of processes in creating products.

When looking for the best deal for your company, it’s worth considering the overall package that you are purchasing. Not only do you need the parts such as the compressor valve to be of the highest quality, but you also need the surrounding parts to be equally reliable.

If the minor elements within the construction aren’t suitable for the task, you will be left with a weak link in a chain, which will undermine the overall efficiency of the machine. Likewise, when choosing a manufacturer to supply your company with parts that are integral to your success, the strong all-around choice is always the best option.





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