Compressor Valve Replacement Vs. Valve Repairs

By KB Delta | December 5, 2017
Compressor Valve Replacement or Repair | KB Delta

The reality of compressor valves can initially be quite hard for most people to fathom, as these relatively small pieces of machinery are completely essential when it comes to making sure that our systems function the way that they should. We put so much pressure onto the compressor valves inside of our systems, and we […]

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What to Know About a Natural Gas Processing Plant

By KB Delta | December 1, 2017
Natural Gas Processing Plant | KB Delta

Natural gas is something that we all rely on in the modern world. It is a type of fossil fuel that is usually gathered from underground reservoirs by companies that use giant wells. But, what happens after it has been gathered? Before natural gas can be used in our own homes and workplaces, it has […]

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What is the Best Thermoplastic Valve Plate Material?

By KB Delta | November 29, 2017
What Thermoplastic Valve Plate Material Is Best for You? | KB Delta

  As with any choice in engineering, there is often more than one correct solution. When choosing the best material for any given task, part of the answer lies within logic, while part of the choice is also a subjective decision. The choice of valve plate material used to produce a thermoplastic plate is one […]

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What does Valve Flow and Dynamics mean?

By KB Delta | November 22, 2017
Complete Valve Flow and Dynamics | KB Delta

Valve dynamics is essentially a term to describe the valve flow and movement made by a valve to control the flow of gas through its opening. While this itself is an easy principle to understand, the field of valve flow and dynamics is a complex and involving area which lies at the heart of a […]

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What to Look for in a Spring Engineer

By KB Delta | November 20, 2017
What to Look for in a Spring Engineer | KB Delta

  It can be really difficult to know what to look for when it comes to choosing a good spring engineer. It’s also difficult to know whether or not the spring engineer that a manufacturer has sent you is a good engineer or a terrible one. In this article you will learn some of the […]

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How Do You Gather and Harvest Natural Gas?

By KB Delta | November 17, 2017
Gas and Oil Pipeline | KB Delta

Natural gas is something that we are all familiar with in the modern world. Like coal and oil, it is a type of fossil fuel. These fossil fuels are formed from the remains of animals, microorganisms and plants that will all have lived millions of years ago. To know how to gather and harvest natural gas, […]

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Thermoplastic Materials Of a Compressor

By KB Delta | November 15, 2017
Thermoplastic Materials In Compressors | KB Delta

  Compressors are used on a broad spectrum across the entirety of the oil and gas industries, with them being utilized as an important piece of equipment in everything from oil refineries to the pipelines themselves. The problem with the functionality of compressors is that a lot of movement goes on within them, generating a […]

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Understanding Natural Gas Processing

By KB Delta | November 10, 2017
Offshore Natural Gas Processing | KB Delta

What is natural gas processing? You might be imagining that the natural gas that we gather out of the ground can be moved into pipelines to be used straight after collection, but in fact, the opposite is true. Natural gas processing is an important process that allows us to use clean, purified natural gas in […]

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Tools Used in Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

By KB Delta | November 9, 2017
Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Process | KB Delta

When it comes to the plastic bottle manufacturing industry, polyethylene terephthalate is the material that is used most frequently. The process involved in turning the raw material, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), into a commercial plastic bottle involves a number of different steps and industry specific tools. PET is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin that is […]

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Why Quality of Parts is Key in Today’s Manufacturing Industry

By KB Delta | November 2, 2017
The Importance of Quality Parts in the Manufacturing Industry | KB Delta

In the manufacturing industry of today, there are more and more complaints about products that are being made with low quality parts. Most of these companies that are using low quality parts are doing this for one reason only, to ensure that the costs of production are kept as low as possible. However, they don’t […]

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  • Metallic Plates

    KB Delta manufactures and stocks a complete range of metallic compressor valve plates and rings for the natural gas, refrigeration and P.E.T. industries.

  • Thermoplastic Plates

    Our specialized precision tooling and proprietary lapping process gives our customers the highest quality thermoplastic plates and rings in the industry.

  • Springs

    We manufacture our own springs and stock over 2 million springs for a variety of OEM spring styles, forms and materials.

  • Peripheral Valve Internals

    KB Delta offers one of the most complete lines of valve internals in the industry. All of our parts are manufactured to OEM Standards in performance and efficiency.

  • Complete Valve Repair Kits

    KB Delta offers a full line of valve repair kits for all the major reciprocating compressor manufacturers.

  • P.E.T. Compressor Parts

    KB Delta specializes in manufacturing compressor valve parts for high pressure air compressors used in the P.E.T. plastic bottle manufacturing industry.

Industries we serve

Natural Gas Industry

The processing and refining of Natural Gas into a marketable products, by separating gas into pipeline-quality natural gas and a stream of mixed natural gas liquids and the transportation of natural gas to through a series of reciprocating compressor stations and pipes, and from there to end users.

Blow Molding Industry

This industry manufactures blow molding machinery. Injection stretch blow molding process has two main different methods, a single-stage and two-stage process; these are the methods by which hollow plastic parts are formed.

Medical Technology Industry

The medical technology industry is an important part of the healthcare sector. It includes most medical devices which aid the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses. Established centers of this industry include the United States and Western Europe.