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How to Keep Compressors Running Smoothly With Gasket Kits

Several elements are involved with keeping your compressor in top shape, one of these elements being the gasket kits.

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The compressor is such a vital part of a system that it’s worth the time and attention to not only maintain it, but to make it as effective as possible.

When a compressor is working at its best, the entire system benefits. Safety, output, and efficiency are all positively affected.

One way to keep compressors running smoothly is to use gaskets or gasket kits.

A gasket kits for compressors usually consist of materials which are anti-corrosion and resistant to leaks.

While these are a relatively small part of the compressor and usually not much addressed, gasket kits can make a big difference between a system that is simply operative and one which is efficient, clean, and effective.


What Is a Gasket and What Is It Made Of?

Gaskets are seals made of a variety of materials. Gaskets close the gap of the minuscule distance between two joined surfaces.

This helps to prevent leakage, especially if the two pieces are not an exact fit.

Gaskets are especially useful when the two linked exteriors are compressed. They can help protect a system from acids, corrosive materials, or extreme temperatures.

Their Importance

Gaskets are especially important in industry because they can help reduce torque, which contributes to mechanical fatigue and wear. This is vital when it comes to the work cycle of compressors.

They also allow compressors to maintain their pressure while they are running.

Another important function of gaskets is the effective way in which they reduce friction.When too much friction is present in a system, particularly a continuous or fast-moving one, mechanical wear can soon follow.

Friction also raises the amount of heat in the environment of the compressor, which can decrease efficiency and raise cooling and production costs. Unusual amounts of friction and torque can also be environmentally dangerous.

Gasket Materials

Depending on the application, gaskets are made of a wide variety of materials. Gaskets are made of either composite or metal.

This can include:

  • Graphite
  • Layers of steel
  • Copper
  • Cork
  • Neoprene
  • Rubber

Other industrial materials are also used. For example, although asbestos is dangerous when disturbed or in the open in domestic situations, at times, asbestos can be a useful material for gaskets.


Rubber sealing for Gaskets - KB Delta


Gaskets In Compressors

When gaskets are used in compressors, they are usually made of materials based in cellulose. Cellulose is an organic material, a carbohydrate which is formed of glucose.

It can be used in a wide range of materials, including coatings and explosives.

Cellulose is resilient and can usually remain operative in a wide range of temperatures. This makes them ideal for work in the conditions some compressors experience.

Industrial applications of cellulose include

  • Fiber
  • Packaging
  • Paper
  • Plastic used in compressor gasket kits

When manufacturers use cellulose to make gaskets or other widely distributed items, they must comply with strict regulations.

They must uphold their resiliency and retain their shape after compression.

Some gaskets can be easily changed, inspected, or repaired by trained in-house staff, but in other circumstances, gaskets should be checked or installed by qualified contractors who are familiar with the system and the function of the gaskets.


Reasons for Gasket Kit Failure

Gaskets help to maintain pressure in compressor tanks. If they do not seal correctly, pressure within the tank will not compress.

Gaskets which are in charge of sealing two surfaces against liquids that can leak, which can cause corrosion and other forms of costly damage.

Sometimes, the gasket will have been said to have “blown.” The compressor will fail.

Without an operable compressor, the rest of the system will grind to a halt.

It’s wise to undertake regular preventative maintenance to keep gaskets and gasket kits in good working condition, replacing them if necessary.

Failing Gaskets

Gaskets can wear down after repeated exposure to:

  • Acids
  • Constant temperature fluctuations
  • Brittleness due to age

They should be examined on a regular basis to ensure they are still effective.

Gasket kits can fail for a variety of reasons. Pressure forces which are distributed unevenly is one reason for gasket kit failure.

Perhaps the gasket has been installed incorrectly, or the two joined surfaces are just too asymmetrical for the gasket to overcome.

Similarly, if a gasket has been in use for some time on a compressor which experiences a great deal of vibration, it may need tightening.

Machine surfaces which are not completely flat can also cause microscopic openings which can leak and expand with time.


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Replacing Gaskets to Help Compressors Run Smoothly

Sometimes, system operators have a difficult time tracking down gasket kits from the original equipment manufacturer.

This can be frustrating, since gasket kits play such an important role in compressor health, and they must be correctly sized.

  • A gasket which is too large or too small simply can’t provide a seal for the equipment.
  • This is an especially worrisome issue for those who work with compressors which come into contact with dangerous chemicals or materials

Not only is the correct function of the system at risk, but employees may be as well.

Leaking gasses, acids, or liquids might seep into the work area undetected and create a fire hazard, dangerous environment, or worse.

What Should You Do?

In this event, it’s usually best to check with the original equipment manufacturer for recommendations. It might be possible to find a gasket kit of the same size, but under a different part number.

Other replacement gasket kits might be made of a different material.

If a replacement gasket is made of a material which is completely different from the original, it’s best to consult with engineers or the original equipment manufacturer to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

KB Delta has one of the largest inventories of gaskets, if you are in need of compressor repair parts, contact us today.

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