What Are Helical Springs?

Helical Springs | KBDelta.comHelical springs, also called coil springs, are helix shaped mechanical devices. They serve a variety of purposes including absorbing shock and maintaining force between different objects. Coil springs are elastic in nature and return to their regular length when released from compression.



Helical springs are used in many ways. They are essential for numerous industrial applications. Another use is in upholstery. Consumers typically do not ever see upholstery coils since they are on located inside of furniture. However, the overall comfortable level of a piece of furniture can be highly dependent on the quality and number of springs used in construction. Helical springs can be found in mattresses as well; their main function is to provide support. Small coil springs are also in computer keyboards. They are located under each letter, number and symbol. When users type, the coils collapse and then spring back when pressure is released.

Materials and Properties

Helical springs are available in a wide variety of materials. Your application will likely dictate the best choice. Some options include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Beryllium copper
  • Chrome silicone
  • Music wire
  • Nimonic 90
  • Eligiloy
  • MP35

In addition to the coil composition material, you may also need your springs to adhere to other specifications. Heat treating, magnetizing, metallic plating and stress relieving are a few alternatives. Coil thickness is another important attribute and measurements of .005” to .120” are standard.



Customers rely on optimal performance from these products. Whether you need support in designing a certain type of spring or have an engineering department equipped to do so, using a coil manufacturer that has a proven track record can be critical in achieving the best possible results. A rigorous testing process prior to implementation is also important. It can help validate design and identify deficiencies. Working with a company known for exemplary customer support is also advisable; you may have questions or concerns that surface over time.

Helical springs are used for numerous purposes and are made from many different materials. Pick an experienced manufacturer for the highest quality product.



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