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Thermoplastic peek is one of the most widely used materials in the manufacturing industry today. Its highly stable chemical structure allows for the fabrication of products with dependable properties that outweigh competing materials such as nylon or polyimides. Ported plates and rings are two common compressor valve components that can be made from thermoplastic peek. If you are in the process of designing or purchasing parts for your company, utilizing thermoplastic peek can be very beneficial.


The Incredible Properties of Thermoplastic Peek


Thermoplastic peek is a semi-crystalline plastic that may be considered somewhat of a miracle worker because of its durability and wear-resistant characteristics. Properties of this material include:


  • Fatigue resistance – Valve compressor components made from peek show no loss of strength while performing in temperatures as high as 248 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Chemical resistance – Exposure to refrigerants, bases, acids, hydrocarbons, steam and salt will not damage peek as much as other plastics.
  • Freedom from lubrication – This material can outperform many types of metals in demanding environments without needing a drop of oil.
  • High-temperature resistance – Peek products can operate long-term in temperatures as high as 464 degrees Fahrenheit and 649 degrees Fahrenheit (the brink of its melting point) short-term.


Thus, thermoplastic peek is the perfect material for manufacturers looking to create products with a long performance life. Many different components can be made from peek, such as valve plates, suction and discharge valves, piston rings, thrust washers and poppet valves. Consolidating production costs by utilizing peek for a wide range of parts, rather than relying on a different material for each component, can save you a significant amount of money and increase your profits.


Customize Thermoplastic Peek to Suit Your Needs


Unlike metals, high-performing plastic parts have a flexibility that allows them to slightly bend and conform to neighboring components as time passes. Similarly, creating truly innovative ported plates and rings is possible by collaborating with manufacturers who are experts in all things peek.


A design professional can provide you with valuable project advice by using advanced 3-D modelling techniques to create products customized specifically for your compressor valves. Thorough inspections double checking dimension and flatness should be conducted before products are shipped to you, and if possible only the highest-quality and most environmentally friendly materials should be used to guarantee the longevity of your components. Technology is quickly advancing; take the time to search for a company who is willing to push the boundaries of what is possible.


If made properly, customized thermoplastic peek products result in compressor valves with low maintenance costs, low weight and reduced noise levels. This in turn can lead to happier customers and larger profits. Contacting a reputable design company and explaining the scope and intentions of your project can elevate your entire production to a new level. Many quality companies can ship out products only one to two weeks after consultation.


Thermoplastic peak is quickly becoming a standard in the manufacturing industry. The reliability, versatility and potential for customization can be greatly advantageous to individuals looking to create or improve compressor valves while maximizing the profits of their company at the same time.


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