Benefits of Using Quality Thermoplastic Plates for Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors | KBDelta.comReciprocating compressors are commonly found in energy facilities such as oil refineries and pipelines, and are present in processing plants for natural gas and refrigeration. These applications require precise operation even in adverse conditions, and delivering gases at a high pressure creates a significant amount of heat. In order to ensure optimal compressor performance, installation of top-quality reciprocating compressor parts is essential. One component that can enhance reciprocating compressor performance is the thermoplastic plate.


Benefits of Thermoplastic Compressor Parts

Compressor valves require quality reinforced plates. Thermoplastic plates meet quality standards for high performance and have many characteristics that keep your reciprocating compressor operating smoothly. Because thermoplastic material is pliable and moldable, it settles over time into the ideal shape for the valve seat, drastically reducing damage and the need for replacement. Some of the benefits of thermoplastic plates include:

  • Reduced impact on the valve seat
  • Flexibility that results in fewer cracks and damage from wear
  • Reliable handling of liquids, gases and condensation
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratios and low specific gravity
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Better dimensional stability than other plate materials
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures, resisting melting at up to 340 degrees Celsius
  • Increased seal durability and tightness
  • Decreased risk of cylinder damage and risk to other reciprocating compressor parts

Thermoplastic material is the industry’s answer to innovation in plates. Thermoplastic plates also provide you with the option of parts made to OEM specifications or custom specifications, depending on your needs.


Using Quality Parts for Your Reciprocating Compressor

Though it may be tempting to use plates made from less-expensive materials, some industrial applications for compressors require the flexibility and durability of thermoplastic plates. If your reciprocating compressor does not use thermoplastic plates, a great way to upgrade your equipment without the expense of all-new units is to replace your current parts with thermoplastic parts.

Using thermoplastic plates not only ensures that your compressor is running at peak performance, it reduces your risk of serious accidents and downtime. Investing in quality reciprocating compressor parts such as thermoplastic plates will benefit your process in the long run.



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