Understanding the Basics of Valve Dynamics

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Of the many technical aspects which face the engineering industry, understanding the forces at work inside a system is perhaps the single most important, and also one of the most complex to fully comprehend. Within both pneumatic and hydraulic systems, valves are an integral part of the design which contributes to the efficient and safe […]

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The Natural Gas Gathering Process

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Natural Gas Gathering | KB Delta

With a huge recent investment in natural gas reclamation, America has seen a recent upsurge in the amount of natural gas being produced. In 2009 America became the largest producer of dry natural gas in the world. As of the end of 2016, figures show that almost 25% of the world’s gas is being produced […]

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Types of Marine Air Compressors and Their Uses

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Marine Air Compressors | KB Delta

Air compressors perform a variety of functions in marine environments. The primary purpose of an air compressor is to take in air and compress it to decrease its volume and increase its energetic potential. When released from the marine air compressor tanks, the air is able to return to its original volume. This process provides […]

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Top Tips for Valve Plate Assembly

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Valve Plate Assembly | KBDelta.com

Whatever manufacturing industry you are in, you are sure to be familiar with valve plates and their uses. However, when it comes to ensuring that your operations run as smoothly as possible, you should know the ins and outs of this important component – the valve. To keep your business moving forward it is also […]

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Reciprocating Compressors Are a Growing Trend

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Reciprocating Compressors | KB Delta

Despite being one of the most expensive types of compressors on the market, reciprocating compressors are becoming an increasingly popular choice. With a larger start-up budget required to incorporate these components, it is clear that they must offer a considerable advantage over the other options available to companies, but just what exactly are the reasons […]

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Hermetic Motors and Compressors: The Pros and Cons

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Hermetic Motors | KB Delta

A hermetic motor or compressor works just like any other unit. The primary difference is based on how the system is structured and compartmentalized. Hermetic compressors have a completely sealed structure, which makes them completely air-tight. The compressor and motor pieces are contained within a sealed compartment that cannot be accessed without breaking the seal […]

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PET Plastics in the World Today

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PET Plastics | KB Delta

Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, is a material often used in water bottles and in the creation of polyester textiles. The reason PET plastic is a preferred option is because it’s considered safe for use in regards to holding food and beverages intended for human consumption, as well as safe against the skin. But beyond the […]

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Choosing A Reliable Compressor Valve Manufacturer

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With a variety of uses, compressors play an important role in many modern machines. Due to the nature of their role in a machine, the fittings are exposed to a constant pressure, which leads to natural deterioration of the equipment. There are various replaceable components inside a compressor, each performing their own unique function within […]

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The Growth Of The Natural Gas Market

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Natural Gas | KB Delta

Recent improvements in shale technology have seen the industry heralded as the most important thing to happen to the energy market this century. As the largest producer of natural gas, America is leading the way in technology centered on this fossil fuel. But where could these recent advancements lead, and is the growth rate sustainable? […]

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Compressor Repair: The Sum of its Parts

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Compressors are complex pieces of machinery that are typically used to supply different types of gasses at increased amounts of pressure. They are made and appear in different forms and sizes and are used in a variety of different fields. Whether involving activities at a person’s home or small business, or having use in larger […]

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  • Metallic Plates

    KB Delta manufactures and stocks a complete range of metallic compressor valve plates and rings for the natural gas, refrigeration and P.E.T. industries.

  • Thermoplastic Plates

    Our specialized precision tooling and proprietary lapping process gives our customers the highest quality thermoplastic plates and rings in the industry.

  • Springs

    We manufacture our own springs and stock over 2 million springs for a variety of OEM spring styles, forms and materials.

  • Peripheral Valve Internals

    KB Delta offers one of the most complete lines of valve internals in the industry. All of our parts are manufactured to OEM Standards in performance and efficiency.

  • Complete Valve Repair Kits

    KB Delta offers a full line of valve repair kits for all the major reciprocating compressor manufacturers.

  • P.E.T. Compressor Parts

    KB Delta specializes in manufacturing compressor valve parts for high pressure air compressors used in the P.E.T. plastic bottle manufacturing industry.

Industries we serve

Natural Gas Industry

The processing and refining of Natural Gas into a marketable products, by separating gas into pipeline-quality natural gas and a stream of mixed natural gas liquids and the transportation of natural gas to through a series of reciprocating compressor stations and pipes, and from there to end users.

Blow Molding Industry

This industry manufactures blow molding machinery. Injection stretch blow molding process has two main different methods, a single-stage and two-stage process; these are the methods by which hollow plastic parts are formed.

Medical Technology Industry

The medical technology industry is an important part of the healthcare sector. It includes most medical devices which aid the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses. Established centers of this industry include the United States and Western Europe.